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Strategic Marketing Planning, Second Edition

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'Strategic Marketing Planning' builds on the success and reputation of Wilson and Gilligan's 'Strategic Marketing Management' by focusing firmly on the planning process. 'Strategic Marketing Planning' concentrates on the critical 'planning' aspects that are of vital importance to practitioners and students alike. It has a clear structure that offers a digest of the five principal dimensions of the strategic marketing planning process. Leading authors in this sector, Wilson and Gilligan offer current thinking in marketing and consider the changes it has undergone over the past few years. Updated information in this new edition includes: * Changing corporate perspectives on the role of strategic marketing activity* Changing social structures and the rise of social tribes * The significance of the 'new' consumer and how the new consumer needs to be managed * New thinking on market segmentation* Changing routes to market* Developments in e-marketing * Changing environmental structures and pressures * Proven content: builds on the success and reputation of Wilson and Gilligan's 'Strategic Marketing Management' bestselling textbook * Wide audience appeal: focuses on the critical 'planning' aspects of vital importance to students and practitioners* Best practice: draws out lessons to be learned from best practice, enabling marketers to improve core skills

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