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Bond Market Rules: 50 Investing Axioms To Master Bonds for Income or Trading

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In today's go-go market, investors' attitudes toward risk--as well as toward bonds--have undergone a dramatic transformation. The new rules of bond investing are complex, often confusing, and if misunderstood, potentially expensive. BOND MARKET RULES provides concise, easy-to-read explanations--from investing fundamentals to advanced trading strategies--to give you a comprehensive overview of bond investing. In addition, it is an ideal fingertip reference to today's most trusted rules, helping you know at a glance how a bond should act in any given situation--and just as important, how you should act to protect your investments. Individually, any one of the 50 chapters in BOND MARKET RULES could save you a fortune in portfolio blunders and miscues. Collectively, they provide nothing less than the most comprehensive manual available on knowing the bond market inside and out. For example: Chapter 3 discusses the true meaning and importance of the yield curve, a popular yet often misunderstood bellwether of possible changes in the economy. Chapter 16 explains the "ladder" strategy--and how it can provide liquidity for long- term bond investors, while minimizing the effects of reinvestment risk. Chapter 27 describes the pluses and minuses of the popular zero coupon bonds, and why they are often preferred for retirement investment accounts. Chapter 49 discusses the promising but volatile new "Brady" bond--what it is, how it works, and why February and March are often the most profitable months to buy a Brady. Simply put, bonds should be a part of any diversified portfolio. In addition, new attitudes and investment products have made the fixed-income market as exciting and potentially rewarding as the stock market. By presenting and explaining the usefulness of today's top 50 professional bond trading rules, BOND MARKET RULES will tell you everything you need to know about this vibrant, potentially lucrative market. On its own, or in combination with author Michael Sheimo's other nuts-and-bolts guidebooks, it will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the fixed-income investment world, and show you the safest, most profitable ways to include bonds in your diversified portfolio.

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