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Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job

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Be prepared for your next job interview with this tried-and-true adviceIn today's tight job market, competition for programming jobs is hotter than ever. This third edition of a popular guide to programming interviews includes new code examples, information on the latest languages, new chapters on sorting and design patterns, tips on using LinkedIn, and a downloadable app to help prepare applicants for the interview. Like its earlier editions, this guide covers what software companies and IT departments want their programmers to know and includes plenty of helpful hints to boost your confidence. Looks at current job search and hiring processes, such as the rise of LinkedIn and other social networks as recruiting resourcesAddresses the most important languages for a programmer to know and features examples in multiple languagesIncludes new programming questions designed to sharpen your knowledgeFeatures all-new chapters on design patterns and sorting, including how to deal with memory constraints and mobility issuesWalk into your next job interview with confidence, knowing you have thoroughly studied this newest edition of Programming Interviews Exposed.

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