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101 classroom games : energize learning in any subject

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With 101 Classroom Games: Energize Learning in Any Subject, not only can you help your students improve their study skills, but you can also aid them in reviewing what they already know about a topic or subject, prepare them for formal and informal assessments, and see them embrace learning experiences as enjoyable.

You never knew a game of Splat, Snap, or Howzat! could pack so much educational punch, did you? All 101 games in this handy book make learning memorable, fun, and successful. You can use them as effective starter activities, for the middle part of a lesson to reignite learning when you see the kids’ eyes start to glaze over, or as complete activities to help you assess your students’ learning.

Each game provides you with

• ready-to-go plans to implement the game and shorten your planning time;

• stimulating lesson content with variations and progressions to suit your students’ ages and abilities;

• illustrations to help you understand how the game works; and

• teaching points and prompts to keep the game fun, interesting, and effective.

These games create a stimulating learning environment where students undertake tasks and solve problems by interacting with their surroundings, other students, and you. They provide a great alternative to traditional methods of learning and assessment. Most of all, the games do just what you’d like them to do: help your students learn, improve their skills, and enjoy the educational process.

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