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Think Fast, Talk Smart

EN Health, Family & Personal Development 2 years ago 2401
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What if a smart answer to a question is what changes everything? Perhaps, you got your dream job just because of how you answered those interview questions, or maybe you gained a whole new level of respect with your group, just by your well thought out opinions or remarks. Your ability to think and speak brilliantly on your feet can change your life. Trevor Noah is admired for how quickly he organizes his thought in impromptu situations. Barrack Obama is respected for the way he responds to questions and for his witty comebacks. Steve Jobs was once insulted by an employee during a Q&A session, but the way he responded and defused the insult was exceptional, and it was captured as a significant moment in history. What if you are equipped with the skills to take on difficult questions or engage in debates with exceptional brilliance? Think Fast Speak Smart is a treasure chest filled with Eye-opening principles, tricks, and techniques that can instantly help you raise your game when it comes to speaking impromptu. The simple decision to read and apply the skills in this book can be life-transforming.
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