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Grammar Express

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Grammar Express is one of the best grammar books for English students. The book has  76 units. Each unit has four pages, two pages of grammar presentation, and two pages of practice.

Grammar Express features
  • Short, easy-to-use four-page units.
  • Grammar points presented and contextualized through cartoons, photos, and other illustrations.
  • Clear Grammar Charts showing the forms of the grammar point.
  • Chart Checks to help you use the grammar charts.
  • Clear Grammar Explanations and Examples.
  • Usage Notes telling you how English speakers use the grammar point.
  • Be careful! Notes showing typical mistakes students make.
  • Pronunciation Notes to help you pronounce words correctly.
  • A variety of exercise types to practise the grammar points.
  • Self-tests to check your progress.
  • Appendices with helpful lists and information.
  • An Answer Key so you can check your answers.
  • An Index to help you find grammar points quickly.
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