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English for Everyone Junior English Dictionary

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Learning new vocabulary is as easy as ABC with this beautifully illustrated dictionary for children aged 6-9. Featuring 1,000 essential first words and a free audio app, this ebook is perfect for children who are starting to read and speak English as a second language.

Every word in English for Everyone Junior: English Dictionary is illustrated and arranged A-Z to reinforce letter recognition and help your child get to grips with the alphabet. Audio for all the words featured in the ebook is available online and via an app, so children can listen and perfect their pronunciation.

At the start of each section, the upper-case and lower-case version of each letter is presented, to help fix the shape and form of the letter. Charming illustrations help put each word in context, and entertaining songs for children to sing along to make the process of learning and saying new words fun. At the back of the ebook, a helpful reference section covers essential topics such as numbers, time, and shapes.

Building on the worldwide success of the English for Everyone and English for Everyone Junior series - which have sold more than 1.65 million copies in over 90 countries - this dictionary covers all the essential vocabulary young learners will need to take their first steps towards learning English.

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