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Everyday English Grammar & Composition 4

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To speak and write any language confidently, we must know its grammar. Everyday English Grammar and Composition is a comprehensive and learner-friendly textbook series that makes grammar interesting without compromising on the rigour the subject demands. With equal emphasis on the grammatical structures and their application in real-life situations, the lessons explain and exemplify each concept in detail, also accounting for exceptions to the rules.The exercises range from the easy to the highly challenging to test learners of varying levels of competence. Key Features: Vocabulary Enrichment Comprehension and Composition Creative Writing Puzzles and Word Searches Well-graded Excercises 28 Worksheet Pages for Practice Features of the Series: Comprehensive coverage of grammar Comprehension, vocabulary and writing lessons to complement the grammar syllabus Well-graded Learner-friendly Colourful, attractive layout A wide range of practice tasks and exercises Clear instructions Online support Four essential areas of language learning in one comprehensive book Grammar Vocabulary Comprehension Writing Online support available at
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