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Mastering English Grammar : Compound Sentences

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Welcome to Book 5: Compound Sentences, a book that teaches four simple ways to join two sentences together.

The twenty lessons in this book are dedicated to learning the four ways we compound sentences—coordinating conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs, semicolons, and colons—and include discussions of the following

  • when to use and how to punctuate with coordinating conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs
  • semicolons and mirror-image sentences
  • the meaning of the colon
  • subjects and verbs in compound sentences
  • composing with compound sentences
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions
  • so vs. so that
  • compound sentences vs. less-than compound sentences
  • the short conjunctive adverb exception
  • moving conjunctive adverbs to the right
  • two exceptions to the comma
  • moving between types of compound sentences

A conscious attention to the many writing options provided by compounding sentences is essential to skillful writing.

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