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Mastering English Grammar : Verbs and Adverbs

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Welcome to Book 2: Verbs and Adverbs, a book that teaches what we should know about two key parts of speech.

Verbs name actions that nouns can perform; adverbs describe how those action-naming verbs are performed.

Crave, hobble, and jostle are all verbs—they are actions that nouns can perform; silently, boldly, and nervously are adverbs in need of some verbs to pair up with, as we see in these three adverb-verb relationships:

  • silently crave
  • boldly hobble
  • nervously jostle

Because the relationship between verbs and adverbs is such a close one, they appear together here in this e-book.

This e-book is comprised of a chapter on verbs, a chapter on adverbs, and a chapter containing test questions based on the lessons in the book.

Each lesson concludes with a Your Turn—a practice exercise with which you can check your learning. Answers to all exercise and test questions are included in the e-book.

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