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Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation

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Forrester Research has predicted that in 2016, $77 billion will be spent on interactive marketing. This equals the amount that is spent on television advertising today, so it is increasingly important to know how to effectively use digital marketing.

Understanding Digital Marketing looks at the world of digital marketing: how it got started, how it got to where it is today and where the thought leaders in the industry believe it is headed in the future. This new edition demonstrates in a practical and comprehensive way, how to harness the power of digital media and use it to achieve the utmost success in business.

The author deals with key topics in detail, including: search marketing, social media, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, customer engagement and digital marketing strategies.

This book will help readers to:

- choose online marketing channels to get their products and services to market

- understand the origins of digital marketing and the trends that are shaping its future

- achieve the competitive edge to keep them ahead

Including new case studies that reflect the changed marketplace, Understanding Digital Marketing provides readers with the tools to utilize the power of the internet to take their businesses wherever they want them to go.

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